How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

It is actually not good to hide feelings because it is uncomfortable and it also can hurt. However,
without strategic procedure, expressing feeling will end disappointment. Actually, how to ask a girl to
be your friend in various cultures will be quite similar. Many people find it difficult express love, this article will help try to do your initial move.

Easy Steps to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

In most part of the cultures, boys become the provoker of expressing such feeling while the girls are
the decision maker. In this case, there should be an exact strategy or at least effort for expressing the
feeling with greater chance of being accepted.

The First Step
Before daring to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, it is important to make sure you have approached
the girl. In approaching the girl, it is important to make sure you have sincere intention. That way,
the girl will not be afraid of your ways in talking or doing something. Being nice to her is one great
step, and it can be continued with small talks. Even though called small talks, you need to
discover various things especially things she likes. The first step on how to ask a girl to be your
girlfriend is always tough, complicated, and vague. However, clearer view will be seen after some
conversations and dinner.

Asking to Go Out
Now after being closed after some conversations and meeting, it is time for asking her to go out
with you – just two of you. It actually does not have to be very formal such as dinner, watching
movie, or anything. It can be simply meeting in the garden after work, school, course, etc. In this
step, it is important to give her a surprise which is inspired by information you gathered in the first
step. There is no need to reveal your true intention of loving her because it is still considerably
too fast. There are actually some signs which will be described later so that the answer will be
positive for you.
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 Another Hanging Out with Additional Plan
Assuming your previous steps were pleasing to her which can be easily recognized through her
face, now you absolutely have no problem in asking her for another date. In the next step of how
to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you really need a plan for expressing what you feel. In the
previous steps, you can only try to be nice. However, it is time for you to tell the truth that you
actually have crush on her.

Say It Confidently and Sincerely
The way you express your love actually does not really matter too much because the girl has
already measure your effort and seriousness from the first date. However, language you use also
delivers great impact towards the girl. It is highly recommended that you say it appropriately – it
can be casually, elegantly, or even funnily depending the girls’ liking – and it will make your words
heard and processed carefully. Some girls may give the answer immediately while some others
do not. As men, there is no need to put force towards the girl, and let her decide.

The decision
After getting the answer, be it positive or negative, you need to stay calm. If you are loved, you
should be grateful. Do not let your inner child controls you by screaming and jumping like rabbit.
It may lead to disrespect from your girl instead. You also need to avoid spacing out moment as if
you do not believe in her words. It is somehow humiliating for the girl as well. Stay calm and look
the future. If you get negative respond, you should act maturely. Believe that you deserve
someone unique to be your forever companion.

Those are all some ways on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. It is really important to pay more
attention on the early process because it determines the decision in the end. In addition, there is no
need to put so much hope on girls that do not respect you. Wasting time is definitely not good as there
are still many girls out there who actually need you.

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