How to Get A Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

It is quite easy for liking a girl, but it might seem difficult for asking her to be your girlfriend.
Perhaps you just be friends with her in the first place. And what really bother you is she may not think about you as you think about her. You are deeply in love with her since you both are often going out together. Now you want to know how to ask her to be your girlfriend.

how to get a girl to be your girlfriend
Many men end up getting caught in this situation. They cannot predict the answer of the girl, and they are also unable to face the rejection. So they find themselves asking in the most awkward method, or even they never ask the girl. Surely you need some help here, so below are some useful tips on how to get a girl to be your girlfriend.

1. Make A Great Preparation

You are going to ask the girl to be your girlfriend, so you can start it with some preparations that can make you feel comfortable. Put a mint candy in your mouth and get some nice outfits that suitable for you. Imagine what your meeting will be like. Think about what you are going to say if the answer is "yes", or maybe "no". Avoid repeating the asking part and try to make it sound spontaneous and natural.

Do not yell it out in the crowd, because the basic rule of how to get a girl to be your girlfriend is keeping it privacy. Moreover, you can embarrass her if you do that. And it is quite possible that she will never be interested to see you or talk to you again.

2. Make Her Feel Comfortable with The Compliments

Invite the girl to go for a walk with you in the park or a place like that. You can start to make a conversation by saying that she looks gorgeous with the clothes that she is wearing. Do not show that you are so nervous in front of her. Do not forget to compliment her and make her feel comfortable. Do a small conversation, such as talking about the weather or some news of the day. Ensure that you can control the conversation in accordance with your questions.

how to get a girl to be your girlfriend

Maybe talking about the movie that is currently in the theater is a good idea, and continued with how the actor and actress have a good chemistry in it. Then you can tell her that you two are really sharing the same thing together. After that, be quiet for a while and let the realization sink in before you decide to ask her to be your girlfriend. This is truly the most romantic part of how to get a girl to be your girlfriend. She will certainly really appreciate your effort. However, you need to be creative here. Try to find different methods where you can make the question less awkward, more romantic, and interesting.

3. Do Not Force Her

There is one thing that you have to do if you want to get her to be your girlfriend, do not ever force her into the relationship. No one likes to be pulled into something in which they do not like it. Do not interfere with her comfort zone. Actually, this is the main thing to keep in mind in how to get a girl to be your girlfriend.

How you can make the girl feel very special is the key here. If you are able to make her feel that she is wanted, you will get more. Furthermore, you can also support her and comfort her. Girls like all this stuff. All those things are the best option for you when it comes to how to get a girl to be your girlfriend.

In conclusion, you do not need to be handsome or rich in order to be the kind of man that actually has a lot of girls interested in you. All you need is a total change in your thinking, viewpoint, and behavior. You also need to try to learn the skills about how to attract, meet, and date the types of women you have always wanted.

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Anna Clarke said...

Nice Article.. you focused here important topics. These are best ways to win a girls heart.. Girls needs comfort and freedom and lots of love..

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