How to Get a Girlfriend on Facebook

Facebook is a place to look for all the things associated with online socialization. And did you know that you can attract a lot of girls by using this social networking site? You can easily get a girlfriend that you want if you use it in the proper method. You will find lots of high quality girls, and they are waiting to be approached by the right man. Be that right man, and you surely can get one of them.
how to get a girlfriend on facebook

There are a several things you need to do on how to get a girlfriend on Facebook:

1. The first thing to do on how to get a girlfriend on Facebook is determining which one of those girls you feel that you want to get to know more. Send her a friend request on Facebook once you found which girl that appeals to you. A common friend is the best bridge you could have, so make sure you added her friends first before you add her. When the girl receives your friend request, she will notice the friends that you have in common. It can help her determine whether you are a spammer or not.

2. When you send her a friend request, try not to send a message first. It is not necessary to say anything to her, because you do not need her attention at this time.

3. Now she accepts your friend request before, then you can start to take a look at her profile and determine what kind of person she actually is. Furthermore, you will be able to see for yourself if the girl is in a relationship or not, and you can even know her contacts, her religion, her education level, where she is working, and all the things that can help you to know her. At least, you do not need to ask all these things to her.

how to get a girlfriend on facebook

4. On Facebook, you can easily find a girl that match for you. When you see a beautiful girl, there is no reason for you to insist that you match with her without any reasonable basis or foundation. Try to see her religion first, whether it is the same as yours or not. If you are not ready to lose your religion, it is best to choose a girl who has the same faith with you. It is because there are people who do not want to compromise on the matter of religion. They do not want to have a relationship with anyone who has a different faith with them.

5. Another method on how to determine what kind of person she is from the comments which she put on her friend's wall. Surely sometimes, her friends write a status and statement post which can make her react in accordance with her values and beliefs. This is a good way of assessing someone's values and character.

6. An additional advantage for you once she accepts you as a friend is you can easily access her photos from her album. In this way, you can gauge her personality and beauty.

7. The next step on how to get a girlfriend on Facebook is making contact once you are quite satisfied with what you know about her. You can do this by responding directly to her comment which she posted on the wall of your common friend. Just remember to agree with everything which she is saying and your response is in line with her comments. This is to make her realize your existence. However, you need to wait for another occasion if she does not comment back to refer to you.

how to get a girlfriend on facebook

8. When she comments on being sad, disappointed, or down, is the occasion which you are waiting for. You can ask her the reason why she is sad. Or maybe you can tell her that you are hoping she will find the things which could make her happy soon and wish her the best.

9. When she replies to your question or statement, then it is the sign to get some conversation going. You can ask for her phone number, on the grounds that you cannot always be online for a long time, and you really like to have a conversation with her as you feel that she is a knowledgeable and mature woman. If the girl is willing to give you her phone number, wow, you are in!

If you try to know more about the girl, a bit more than what Facebook profile offers, you also give a chance for her to get to know more about you. Who knows that by doing this and everything goes your way, it is possible for you to attract her or even attract another girl through her. It is because getting to know each other is the beginning of every relationship. And that is the main point on how to get a girlfriend on Facebook.

2 Responses to "How to Get a Girlfriend on Facebook"

Abi Writes said...

Hi, I was looking for a girlfriend in my life and I did what most guys would do: read, read, and read ... but not take any action. But once I started to take action (i.e. working out, getting my style and groove together, and basically go out and socialize with strangers), I started to get more girls in my life, and as a result, also found the LOVE of my life... Thanks for sharing your useful tips on how to get girlfriend.

Anna Clarke said...

Hey.. Interesting way.. yes you are right social media giving great platform for people to choose girl or man.. Only right way can give you right person.. need to be very careful it's not only about attracting.. By the way your tips gonna be very helpful

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