First Date Advice for Men

The first date you wanted is finally you got. And what to do next? Now the real challenge is going to be started. It is time to plan the date, determine what clothes you need to wear, what you have to do when the date comes to an end, and how to win her heart. Is this too much pressure for you? Do not afraid, here are the first date advice for men that you need in order to make your first date more successful. You simply pay attention to all the tips and advice below, and you will be able to get the chance to the second date.

first date advice for men


The first date advice for men begin from the location of the date. Your primary choice is dinner at a good restaurant. In order to make it easier for you to choose a place that she likes, perhaps it is better that you ask her first what eatery she prefers and what type of food she enjoys. It will show how attentive you are, and this is the initial step in winning points.

A concert or the movie theater could be not the best options for you when the purpose of the date is getting to know more about her. One is too loud, meanwhile the other you have to be quiet in.


The second first date advice for men is about clothing. If you really want to look impressive on your first date, using a splash of cologne is a must, and be sure you are clean-shaven. Do not forget to wash your hair and brush your teeth. Additionally, instead of a T-shirt, maybe it is a good idea to wear a polo. This outfit looks great even if it is combined with a jeans. You may think that you want to be yourself. It is okay, however, it would not hurt if you put on clothes that will certainly accentuate your best character.

Just in Time

Women spend a lot more time for preparation than men do, therefore, punctuality is very important for them. Do not ever be late for five minutes or more, because it will make her think that the date is not really important for you.

You can arrive five minutes earlier if you want, but do not more than five minutes. It will show that you are too eager for the date, and she will give a red flag to you. Moreover, it can break your opportunity to the next date.

Be a Confident

Make a smile of confidence when you have arrived at the front of her door. It can melt her heart. No matter how nervous you are, or if your toes are trembling and your knees are knocking. You need to do it, even if you have to pretend to act it as if it is real. Women love a confident man.

Be a Gentleman

There are several ways on how to respect her, such as open the car door for her, pull out her chair when she is going to sit in the restaurant, and so on. Not only notice them, but she will also appreciate all these treatments.

In the Conversation

first date advice for men

Through conversation, both of you have the chance to get to know each other. Maybe this is the most important advice of the entire first date advice for men, because this is a phase that determine your success in getting the next date. Ask her any questions regarding herself. You need to really listen to what she is telling you, and then try to ask more questions depending on what she is saying. There are big points that could be won here.

Do not try to brag about yourself in an effort to impress her, because it will make her feel that you are pompous and arrogant. This is something that you really need to avoid in the conversation with her, even though you might be tempted to do it.

Do Not Expect Too Much

The next first date advice for men is no expectations. The only right thing you have to do is pay for the bill. However, by doing this does not mean that you have the right to paw her all over, or expect that she will come to your home and end on your bed. Okay, it does not matter to lay your hand on her back when you lead her out the door, but do not do more than this. Treat her with respect if you love this girl.

After Dinner

A wonderful date does not end soon after the dinner. Before you decide to take the girl home, perhaps by taking her on a short ride around the city is a good idea. Or you can simply take her to your nearby cake house or your favorite ice cream store where she can indulge her sweet tooth.

Say Goodnight

And the last first date advice for men, walk the girl to her front door and let her know about what a beautiful time you experienced tonight. Be honest and tell her that you want to ask her out again someday. If she smiles at you and says that she would like that as well, then your first date has been successful. Maybe this can be the most awkward part of the date, therefore, do not make it worse.

So there they are. The first date advice for men that you need in order to make your first date succeed, and also help get your foot in the front of her door for the second date. Use them wisely and be a happy man.

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