How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

Nothing can make a girl more uncomfortable on the dates than a man who does not seem to be able to keep a conversation going. As much as they expect you to be a gentleman, such as by opening the door for them, or by paying for the bill, they also expect you to know on how to keep a conversation going with a girl.

how to keep a conversation going with a girl

Maybe they a little seem like spoiled princesses, however, all these certainly are part of the natural mating ritual. As men, you have to always keep women interested in you. It is because their pursuit quite often rooted in emotional attraction. Maybe you ever wonder why a dorky guy seems always successful in captivating a woman? Or why the younger women choose to date with older men? It is because many of those guys could keep women interested by keeping the conversation going.

Women like to talk for a long time, and we all know about that. If you want to learn how to keep a conversation going with a girl, keep reading. This article is made to help the single guy like you who find it difficult on how to keep a conversation going with a girl. Of course you don't want women ignore you simply because they feel you do not have anything interesting to talk about.

Here are some tips on how to keep a conversation going with a girl:

Respond to What the Girl is Saying

Respond to what the girl is saying is one of the first and easiest step on how to keep a conversation going with a girl. When it comes to dating, a lot of men just being a listener. And just because they have been listening to what the girl is spoken, they feel that they have done a great job, and being a wonderful date.

However, it does not mean that you are getting any extra points with her, although you have listened to what she said. You should really respond to what the girl is saying. When she is talking about a book, you have to respond to what she is saying by talking about a book too. Do not just sit there and only listening and nodding.

Ask Something After a Response

Always asking a question after you respond to her is one of the most powerful methods on how to keep a conversation going with a girl and keeping her interested in the conversation with you. For the example, if she talks about fashion, so you also need to respond about fashion, and next try to ask a follow-up question.

how to keep a conversation going with a girl

This step can take your game one stage further. Know that this method also applies on short message, facebook, email, or any communication that you use with the girl. Do not just listen and respond. Keep the conversation with her staying active with follow-up questions.

Do Not Talk About Yourself

Unless the girl asks about you, do not try to talk about yourself first. Good conversations are created through mutual interest and exchange. You ask about her, and she asks back about you. That is how the intimate conversation is working. Since it can kill a conversation prematurely, so do not take it upon yourself to do her job for her. You need to know that people, not only a girl you like, get so caught up in talking about themselves. Therefore, this is a great way on how to keep a conversation going with a girl.

Bring up The Moments From Her Childhood

Regardless of how much you know about anyone who you want to talk to, this is a great way to have an interesting conversation with them. I make sure that they will know about what are you talking about if you can bring up the moments from their childhood. Not only sparked a conversation that gets anybody feeling good, but bringing up things and moments from someone's childhood also will make them associating those excellent childhood feelings with you.

If You Run out of the Material

If you have run out of the material in conversation, but you feel the need to keep her interested and want to keep the conversation going, try to use more personal questions. The questions that have been avoided by either you or her until now, just like habits, past loves, or anything else. However, since it can backfire on you, you have to be extremely careful when using this method. Of course when you do this, you will have a lot of things to talk about with the girl. However, consequently, your conversation could easily get out of control.

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